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FAKE USDT Software
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The fake usdt sender app is the best app to send fake usdt transactions online. Purchase and install the app to your device and start sending fake usdt transactions right away.

fake usdt sender software

Features of Fake USDT App

$500k Per day LIMIT

Our team of experts have worked extremely hard to make this software to be able to send $500k per day. We’ll announce updates when we release newer versions that can do larger amounts in the nearest future.

Software price

Despite the great functionality of the fake usdt transfer app we have made it quite affordable for anyone who is looking for a genuine app that can send fake USDT


The fake USDT sender has installations for both mobile and PC users which makes it relatively easy to use on the device of your choice. The Flash USDT sent by the software can also be transferred from one wallet to another


Download the original fake usdt generator from our team of top notch developers and start sending sending as many USDT transactions as you desire.

Fake USDT sent per hour
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UX Design/Great UI

In the process of development, our UI/UX was one aspect we spent time on to make it special. We are aware that some developers don’t really give much attention to UI/UX in the process of development as long as their application can work effectively. But we went the extra mile to make things different.

40 Days Flash Duration

Despite the robust security offered by various exchangers, we were able to make the coin last up to 40 days in the victim's wallet. We think that the victim will be persuaded that the fake coin is genuine after this amount of time. The coin will cease to exist after that time.

Multiple Crypto Wallet Net Work

Our Fake Tether or Fake USDT transfer app is very quick and effective at sending flash coins. Through our fictitious USDT Sender App, you can send to a variety of well-known wallets. Such as Trust wallet, Binance, Paxful, Blockchain, Kucoin and more

fake usdt sender

Light Speed Flashing technology

Lightspeed software technology is implemented by our fake USDT sender. To help our users have a seamless and simple working experience, we make sure it operates at a high speed capability. T


Get intouch with our friendly team of of develeopoers for any kind of inquireies or challenges you have regarding the fake usdt software and we shall assist you as soon as possible


Every transaction sent by the fake usdt app is anonymous which makes it totally impossible for anyone to track it regardless of what advanced technology they try to use.

Customers reviews


I previously tried getting the USDT software when I first heard about it from someone on Facebook but after I paid for it I could not use it. I'm so happy this one is working properly as described,I was first skeptical when I was ordering it but I'm now satisfied and I can highly recommend to anyone.
Chucks O
South africa
I think this is one of the best applications I've ever used for anything in crypto as a whole.I still find it just too beath taking on how easy it is for anyone to send fake USDT to any wallet address using this software.Thanks
Jaena Ivan

Fake usdt generator | Fake usdt token | Fake tether sender

Fake usdt 

fake usdt are generally copies or duplicates of USDT tokens that don’t have a market value. Fake usdt is generated in various chains such as erc20, trc20 and polygon and work widely on various wallets. Fake usdt have a couple of uses cases such as testing blockchain apps during development and so on. It has been used to discover a lot vulnerabilities on the USDT chain and can be used to send outhuge amounts fake USDT daily.

Fake usdt address generator | Fake usdt balance 

Whenever you create a fake usdt transaction and send it to the blockchain network, the address that appears on the destination account is a fake usdt address. However the fake usdt application makes it possible to create a ton of fake usdt addresses and send huge amounts of fake usdt daily. Nowadays with such sophisticated technology it’s easier than never before to create a fake usdt balance to prank friends or family.

Atomic wallet fake usdt

 Atomic wallet was one of the first wallets that the fake usdt application was tested on and it was a big success as the software has been able to deploy over $8 million into atomic wallet sends 2021. USDT with no value on atomic wallet has he been described as atomic wallet fake USDT till now.

Fake USDT  Token

Fake USDT tokens or fake usdt coins are tokens that have been made using sophiticated software technology that can be sent to the blockchain to look like real USDT meanwhile they are just fake and the reason why we call it fake is because even though it looks and has all the similar features of the real usdt it does not have any real value as compared to real usdt.

Fake USDT sender | Fake Tether Sender | Fake USDT Sender Software

Our team of developers had created the fake usdt sender since 2014 but was not on the general market for everyone to buy intil late 2019. Some early users who bought the software are trying to resale null versions. place make sure you get the software only from here. We are the original developers of the fake USDT software.

Fake USDT For sale

Are you looking for where to buy fake usdt online? Are you looking for fake usdt for sale then worry no more as you can equally contact the team to buy fake usdt directly if you don’t want to buy the software and generate fake usdt by your self. To buy fake usdt from our team text us on telegram or whatsapp and receive a price range depending on the amount of flash usdt you wish to  buy. Get in touch now and get the best deals on fake usdt transactions.

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