Beware!! You can only buy the original version of the fake USDT app online at always check and verify to make sure you have the right link.


Can I use the software to send fake USDT to any wallet?

yes. The USDT software can send flash usdt to any wallet USDT wallet address, Just always make sure you use the right chains for example USDT Trc20 to USDT Trc20. ERC20 To Erc20 and so on.

How long does fake USDT last in Wallet?

There are 2 options that can be configured on the software. You can either choose the software to send flash USDT that will disappear in 40 days or if you don’t set any configuration the fake USDT generated will stay in receiver wallet as regular USDT.

Is there any other payment after Buying the software?

NO, Once you purchase the software you can install it and start sending transaction. No extra payment is required to use the software.

Will fake USDT disappear later?

This however depends on the option you choose when setting up the USDT software on your device.

Can fake USDT generated be traded? 

Yes, These flash USDT tokens can be exchanged but you have to note that they can’t be swapped on all exchanges. We are working hard to upgrade this feature in nearest future so it can be swapped on all exchanges. Here are some of the exchanges that fake USDT can be swapped/exchanged to other coins. Mexc,, Bingx, Kucoin. We will update the list as we advance into implementing more sophisticated features in the updated versions of the fake USDT software that we shall release.

Can I have demo or trial of flash USDT?

No demo or trial available. Watch the video to see how the software works.If you must get a trial then you must apply for the waitlist that can schedule a demonstration of transactions for you to see.

DO I need to have balance in my wallet before connecting it to the software?

No, You don’t need any balance in the wallet that you connect to the softwar e and it does not require any fee to flash transactions.



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