Download Fake USDT sender App Complete Package (PC and Mobile Device Installations)

(7 customer reviews)


✅Transfer of Fake USDT from one wallet to another

✅$500k Per day Limit

✅100% refund within 15 days If not satisfied.

✅Instant delivery as soon as your payment is completed

✅Updated version of Application


Download Fake USDT sender App Complete Package

This Original package of the Fake USDT sender is for anyone who wants a feel of everything in one package, what I mean is that with this package you will be able to use the Fake USDT sender on any device as it comes with installations for Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone respectively. Download Fake USDT sender App Complete Package today at discounted price and enjoy the process of sending fake USDT transactions from multiple devices.

If you are rather interested in obtaining a fake USDT app for one particular device then you can check the options below

>>Download Fake USDT App for Android<<

Purchase & >>Download Fake USDT App for Iphone<<

Download Fake USDT App for PC only

All softwares come with lifetime support and 100% money back guarantee.

How many USDT can Fake USDT sender software send per day

The fake USDT/tether software has been well programmed and very user friendly. It has the capacity to send a limit of $500k fake tokens from a single IP address per day. Getting this all in one pack entitles the user to send up to $1.5m fake USDT tokens per day which means each version being able to send $500k fake usdt tokens everyday.

Can I flash USDT to any wallet

Fake USDT can be sent or flashed to any wallet, provided the right USDT chains are used for example fake USDT transfer of ERC20 USDT tokens to ERC20 wallet and so on for the rest of the other USDT chains.

Uses of Flash USDT/Tether | What can I do with Fake USDT

The USDT sent from the fake usdt software has a great variety of use cases such as online casinos, investment platforms, Testing blockchain app, Fake Trading and lot more.

However, whatever you decide to use this software for is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any misuse or abuse carried out by the users of fake USDT applications.

how to get fake USDT | How to get fake tether

The only way to get fake USDT is by buying it from someone who has fake USDT or by using the fake USDT software to create fake USDT transactions. You may however receive fake USDT if you happen to be a victim of a fake USDT transfers. These are the only ways you can get your hands on fake tether.

Where can I buy original complete Fake USDT sender Software

The best place to buy the complete fake USDT sender software that actually works and sends fake USDT transactions to the blockchain network is

Pros and Cons  of Fake USDT software complete package


The complete package comes with a discount price. This makes it a much preferable option than buying only one version of the fake USDT application at a time.

All software files are activated & you can just install as any regular software and start sending out fake USDT transfers.


Individuals purchasing the fake USDT software to use only a single device won’t really need this complete all device version as the other installer packages will have no use.

7 reviews for Download Fake USDT sender App Complete Package (PC and Mobile Device Installations)

  1. Quincy

    Good results for the price.

  2. Collin Z

    I will rather buy one software with an extended daily limit

  3. Amanda H

    Great deal of combination

  4. Madina K

    All versions are working perfectly except the android version that keeps crashing from time to time

  5. Clem U

    Grateful to support team who recommend this when I asked for discounts.

  6. Kendall B

    When first bought the PC version, I knew I’ll definitely be getting this. ROI makes sense

  7. Kendall B

    Having this software installed on all my devices has been a great advantage. I’m able to flash $2m daily from my 4 devices

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